Who Is Nell the Pleasure Coach?



Nell is a Pleasure Coach based in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada) and coaches internationally. Her journey into pleasure coaching began after a trip to her home country of Zambia. Through intimate conversations with rural Zambian women about their sexual pleasure, she realized women of all backgrounds, cultural customs, and income brackets are facing similar concerns around their sex lives. This lit a fire within Nell, and she opened up her coaching to women to help guide them through their journey of claiming their pleasure power back.
Nell takes a fun and bubbly approach in her coaching. She works with clients not only to learn techniques, positions, and tools to get the pleasure they want but also to unpack the shame, guilt, fear, and trauma that so many women carry, which in turn sabotages their birthright to sexual pleasure.
 Nell has been interviewed by BuzzFeed and multiple podcasts on topics including orgasm, syntribation, sexual abuse, and bedroom confidence. She also has her own podcast, Millennial Triggered, and her work draws a significant online following.


Why I Do It

My journey into becoming a pleasure coach was deeply personal, rooted in my own challenges in the bedroom. Despite growing up in a fairly sex-positive environment, I was completely unprepared for the realities of my own sexual experiences. Achieving climax with my partners was a struggle, and I often found it nearly impossible to communicate my desires or address discomfort during intimate moments. I lacked fundamental knowledge about my own anatomy, and I realized I was engaging in sex based on unrealistic portrayals from media and pornography, which were predominantly created by and for men, neglecting the genuine experiences and needs of women.


It wasn't until I found myself desperately trying to escape an abusive relationship that I had a revelation. The only thing keeping me in that situation was the belief that he satisfied me sexually. Through that painful process, I discovered new dimensions of pleasure. Fearful and unsure of how to navigate this on my own, I stayed far longer than I should have, enduring far more than I ever should've allowed.


That experience ignited a vow within me. I committed to leaving him and embarking on a journey to intimately understand my own body, to derive pleasure from within myself, ensuring I would never find myself trapped in such a situation again. It was a challenging period, marked by limited resources and information about female anatomy and pleasure. But I persevered.
After countless trials and errors, I not only figured it out but also honed my skills over the years. This newfound expertise led me to open my business, offering courses, guides, a podcast, a membership, and individual and couples coaching. My mission is to support other women and their partners on their incredible path towards discovering, embracing, and cherishing their pleasure, all while addressing the everyday challenges that invariably find their way into the bedroom.

Why Would You Hire A Pleasure Coach?


Okay, so, think about it like this: Why do you hire a personal trainer, right? To get those killer workouts, hit your fitness goals, and make sure you actually show up, no slacking!

Well, hiring a sex and relationship coach is kinda in the same ballpark.

They're like your relationship guru, spotting any bumps or hiccups in your love life. They help you figure out what's most important and keep you on track (and they're your biggest cheerleader, no pompoms though, promise).

Sex and relationships are like their own special universe, and these coaches seriously know their stuff. The sex coaching I do? It's a blend of professional coaching training and intimacy education. It's all about understanding how crucial sex and intimacy are for your overall well-being. I'm not just about ramping up your sex life; I'm all about helping you rethink what sex means for you. Trust me, my clients have those "aha" moments all the time, finding new ways to connect and get close.

A big part of what I do is educate. Most of us never really get the lowdown on how to give and get pleasure or build healthy, satisfying relationships.

So, if you want to dig into your desires, chat about your fantasies, and nail those relationships and sexy times, I'm your go-to. We can cover everything from the nitty-gritty details to broadening your horizons and boosting your confidence.

When you're in my corner, you've got all my knowledge and experience on tap. Think of me like your cool, sex-positive pal who's got the best book recommendations, online resources, and event tips to share!

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