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This is Nell!

Nell is a Pleasure Coach based in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada) and coaches internationally. Her journey into pleasure coaching began after a trip to her home country of Zambia. Through intimate conversations with rural Zambian women about their sexual pleasure, she realized women of all backgrounds, cultural customs, and income brackets are facing similar concerns around their sex lives. This lit a fire within Nell, and she opened up her coaching to women to help guide them through their journey of claiming their pleasure power back.


Nell takes a fun and bubbly approach in her coaching. She works with clients not only to learn techniques, positions, and tools to get the pleasure they want but also to unpack the shame, guilt, fear, and trauma that so many women carry, which in turn sabotages their birthright to sexual pleasure.


Nell has been interviewed by BuzzFeed and multiple podcasts on topics including orgasm, syntribation, sexual abuse, and bedroom confidence. She also has her own podcast, Millennial Triggered, and her work draws a significant online following.


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