I Lose My Voice During Sex and I Hate It.

bed boost confidence find your voice Oct 25, 2023
have a hard time speaking up for your needs and wants in bed with your partner during sex?

“I lose my voice during sex, so I need you to know that I always want you to wear a condom, no matter what, and there will be times that I’ll want to speak up but for some reason can’t. So please know that condoms have to be worn 100% of the time.” “Okay, absolutely, thanks for telling me,” He replied.

He wore a condom once in the three months we were having sex, and I ended up getting pregnant and, shortly after, experiencing a miscarriage. He got to do what he pleased without any regard for my needs or the outcome and left me to work through the emotional pain of mourning a lost child I hadn’t wanted but missed. A fucking mess that was, I tell you.
Every single one of my sexual partners except one never took responsibility for protection. Every sexual act in every relationship has been with lazy condom lovers. A complete disregard for the weight we women have to carry in all aspects.
After I ended things with him, I made it a mission to find ways to help me put my foot down and protect my sexual health. I learned how to start conversations with partners, I created templates in my head of what to say and how to say it in a voice that didn’t ruin the moment, and I found a condom brand that was unique and made me feel good about using it.
 @royal.natural has vegan, fairly traded, 100% natural latex and sustainably sourced ingredients in its condoms, and they’re super cute to pop out of the nightstand.
Speaking up is still hard to do at times, but I’ve found ways to take the edge off.
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