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Orgasms don't have to be anxiety inducing, you just need to get the right ingredients.

Mini Course

In the french language, an orgasm is called La Petite Morte meaning, the little death and what a lovely death it is. All is right in your life for those few seconds, losing control of your body and feeling a wave of colours flow through you. Studies show that 1 in 3 women have not yet had an orgasm and not much is done after that stat is thrown around. I've had clients who were diagnosed with 'Anorgasmia' by their OBGYN and then started coaching with me and had their first orgasm. Our system (set up and run predominatly by that darn patriarchy) doesn't care - they don't want you to find your pleasure... why you may be asking? Great, glad you asked! Because you'll weild it.

Yes, yup, that's correct - you're going to weild your new found power because that's what happens when women access their sexual pleasure. They gain this new type of confience in themselves that they had no idea was inside them. They realize that they're okay on their own and will wait for a better partner to apear, rather than settling, they'll develope a stronger and sincere connection with their body as they play around and discover new sensations. They're relationships with friends and family strengthen because they can show up better and a new found independence and strength arises within themselves. Yup. If I were a man I'd be terrified!


We've been taught to be disconnected from our bodies so it's easier for the world to keep us small. Why is keeping women small so important to the patriarchy you ask? Because we have a power inside of us that we're born with - I call it 'The Abstract Chaos' and it's something that men are afraid of if unleashed. So they've done their very best to ensure that you know little as possible about your body and your pleasure because the moment you become confident in your pleasure and in what you have, the world gets bigger for women and scarier for men. A powerful step to the Abstract Chaos is getting the ingredients of an orgasm (and a mighty fine orgasm too!) and then learning to blend those together!

In the Orgasm Code mini course, you'll learn about arousal and why we get turned on by certain things and what that means based on your sexual history with an opportunity to do some of your own work with a downloadable worksheet, you'll see which positions are the best for getting to your orgasm (fully clothed model), you;ll learn about my top toy suggestions, how you can't actually desensitize/numb your clit but just acclimatize it and how to undo that if you're struggling with sensations and you'll learn all about losing orgasms and how to get them back!

You'll also gain access to my private membership forum where you can chat with other like minded women in a safe space!

$150 USD

12 Lessons


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