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Platapussy Posse Classic Coffee Mug

Platapussy Posse Classic Coffee Mug

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After a profound dream one night about a Platypus, I wanted to include it as my mascot and also as the title for my pleasure community. The platypus actually does the perfect job of representing my work with women as a pleasure and empowerment coach.

The Spiritual Meaning:

By far, one of the core messages of Platypus is to be yourself. Platypus Spirit Animal has uniqueness as a foundation energy signature. Self-acceptance and, self-love, staying true to yourself are three matters Platypus drives home to your heart. If you use Platypus Medicine, it leads to honouring your feelings and a strong sense of personal rhythms, which bring peace and balance. You embrace your soul’s purpose.

Fun Facts:

The bill is the Platypus’ primary sense organ. It guides the Animal through dark waters, The Platypus teaches you to rely on the ebb and flow of vibes you often ignore and don’t recognize, which is what women experience during their pleasure.

The male and female perform a water-based dance, swimming in delicate circles before mating. With the Water being such an emotional Element (as well as representing the divine feminine's connection to water), the stage and cues seem somehow apt for lovers. Here, the mating ritual of the Platypus represents two deeply emotional lovers rather than a torrid love affair.

So come join in and rep your official 'Platapussy Posse" merch!


Height, in3.74
Diameter, in3.15


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