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Whatever we're dealing with in our everyday lives has a sneaky way of showing up in our sexual experiences. Pleasure coaching with Nell doesn't just focus on your sex life... your whole life is transformed by proxy.


You're not the same as man... you are not built to diet, workout, process, emote, work, love, fuck, communicate, or think the way men do, but you still try, and it's what's hurting you.


Self paced, private and jam-packed with information that would take months to access in a 1:1 setting, my pleasure programs might be the right option for you!




Affordable, bite-sized guides packed with actionable tips for women and their male partners. They're designed to give you a taste of what my larger courses offer without breaking the bank or overwhelming your schedule.


Host, Nell Walker attempts to shed light on taboo topics and dive deep into the uncomfortable. She's chosen to expose the sh*t out of her personal life in an attempt to demonstrate the power that comes from leaning into your vulnerability and help make you feel more connected to your humanity


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Free guides, workbooks, videos and masterclasses to get your feet wet.





Hoodies, Crewnecks, Mugs, Hats, Candles and OH, SO MUCH MORE! 



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"Empowerment isn't about grand gestures, but about embracing these natural gifts, navigating challenges with confidence, and crafting a life that resonates with authenticity and unapologetic self-expression. It's not just a choice; it's a birthright, a path to not just existing, but thriving in a world that desperately needs the unique brilliance and grace that women bring."

-Nell Walker



I'm Nell Walker

The Pleasure & Empowerment Coach, and I take a fun and bubbly approach in my coaching and courses. I work with clients not only to learn techniques, positions, and tools to get the pleasure they want but also to unpack the shame, guilt, fear, and trauma that so many women carry, which in turn sabotages their birthright to sexual pleasure.

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"Nell helped me during a new diagnosis of an STI. I was feeling alone and shameful about my body and what this would mean for my future sex life. I thought that Nell would be good to turn to even though I know she teaches more about pleasure. I figured that this diagnosis could affect my ability to feel like I deserve pleasure, and I definitely made the RIGHT choice!

 Nell creates such a shame-free environment, and we touched on aspects of my childhood and how I carry shame. I went in for one thing and left with way more clarity on a bunch of things in my life!"

"In the supportive, nurturing(and sometimes silly!) environment that she creates, Nell helped me unpack hang-ups I had about my body and create a curated plan with suggestions for positions, methods, and toys. I am pleased to say that after just two sessions with her, I had my first orgasm and have had many more since!"

"I’ve been taking two of Nell’s courses, and I’ve learned far more than I thought there was around pleasure, my body, communicating with my bf and gaining confidence within myself!

She has a membership that isn’t centred around sex as well which Ill be joining soon. I also found her courses to be packed with way more info than I thought I was going to get in terms of the amount, which is obviously an amazing feeling because so many people out there do the bare minimum! She’s been on stand-by for me too, when I had questions, and she’s just a chill, normal girl like everyone else."


The Pleasure Pod

I was once lost and felt helpless when it came to my pleasure, and it greatly impacted how I allowed others to treat me. Go one, take a small step and download one of my guides or take a medium to large step and inquire about one of my courses. 

The Bedroom Boost Pleasure Program

The Holy Grail of Sex Ed and Claiming Your own Pleasure.

The Syntribation Station Mini Course

For the woman who uses pressure/squeezing/friction or leg crossing to achieve her pleasure.

Metamorphosis Membership

For the woman who's ready to unearth her truest self!

Quick Tip Guides

Your fast, budget-friendly and fun go-to guides to everything, women!
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Are you having trouble staying in the moment during masturbation or sex? Are you thinking about the laundry, the list of to-do's?
Or what about traumatic memories or overwhelming fantasies?

You can literally train your brain out of
this with my FREE
'Intrusive Thought Repellent' technique!
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Are you craving real, authentic honesty in the content you want? Good, then you found yourself in the right spot!

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