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Women have been programmed to approach their sexual pleasure in ways that don't work for the female body.

So here you are, taking the first step to learning what YOU want.
So let's go get you it.

Hey! I'm Nell, the Pleasure & Empowerment Coach, and I take a fun and bubbly approach in my coaching and courses. I work with clients not only to learn techniques, positions, and tools to get the pleasure they want but also to unpack the shame, guilt, fear, and trauma that so many women carry, which in turn sabotages their birthright to sexual pleasure.

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Online Courses

  • Are you unsatisfied with your orgasms?

  • Maybe haven’t yet experienced an orgasm?

  • Do you squeeze your legs to masterbate?

  • Do you feel lost in bed?

  • Do you lose your voice during sex and just can’t seem to say what it is you need?

  • Are you dealing with trauma and memories that create anxiety and fear around enjoying your pleasure?

  • Are you and your partner on a totally different page and need help understanding each other's needs?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with where exactly it is that you need to start in order to get the pleasure you want?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then one of my online, self paced courses might just be what you're looking for!

It's time for some 1:1 Coaching babe.

Oh my gosh, I totally get why you're on the fence about coaching. You're probably really feeling like it's time to work on things, but there are all these unknowns, and you're nervous to tell a stranger about your private matters. The thinking about it stage is always the hardest - do you make the leap of faith or remain exactly where you are now? I've been there many times; it's a human thing to work through.  

So here's a goofy picture of me while waiting for my client to join the zoom call I host sessions on. Notice I'm in a comfy hoodie, my hair is doing whatever it wants, and there's a cozy vibe. We're just talking, sharing stories and working through your experiences. I'm on YOUR side, I want you to reach your goals, and I want you to feel better about your pleasure and better about your confidence. I want you to be able to understand the situations that have caused you to feel the way you're feeling, but most of all, I want you to have someone who is genuinely routing for you; you deserve that... you deserve to have some support in this.

Interior Decorations

We also asked Nell if there was a "best" position to orgasm in. Her answer? Not at all. "Anyone who claims that they know the best position is denying the fact that peoples' vulvas, vaginas, and clitorises are all different and therefore need different things," she said.



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Host Nell Walker attempts to shed light on taboo topics and dive deep into the uncomfortable. She's chosen to expose the sh*t out of her personal life in an attempt to demonstrate the power that comes from leaning into your vulnerability and help make you feel more connected to your humanity. Sex, mental health, embarrassing stories, relationships and hard life truths are all captured here. Come laugh with Nell, or at the very least, at her while she gets #triggered.


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My merch's goal is to encapsulate women's fun and silly sides. I try my hardest to find as many size options as I can, and every piece is thoroughly tested by yours truly before it goes into the shop. As a curvy woman, I've always loved how oversized sweaters look on slim bodies, but they always added size to mine. So, I searched for crewnecks and hoodies that don't do that and found them. Honestly, they're not only great looking but also comfy and made of good quality. Due to popularity, I've also scouted a backup source for the sweaters - so if the size or colour you want is out of stock, please email me, and I can likely get you to want you to want from my secret source. Just ask! 

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Nell helped me during a new diagnosis of an STI. I was feeling alone and shameful about my body and what this would mean for my future sex life. I thought that Nell would be good to turn to even though I know she teaches more about pleasure, I figured that this diagnosis could affect my ability to feel like I deserve pleasure, and I definitely made the RIGHT choice!
Nell creates such a shame-free environment, and we touched on aspects of my childhood and how I carry shame. I went in for one thing and left with way more clarity on a bunch of things in my life!


Pink Sugar

Podcasts I've Been On 

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Are you having trouble staying in the moment during masturbation or sex? Are you thinking about the laundry, the list of to do's?
Or what about traumatic memories or overwhelming fantasies?

You can literally train your brain out of this with my FREE
'Intrusive Thought Repellent' technique!


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