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My journey of becoming a pleasure coach started when I realized that I was staying in an abusive relationship simply because I felt as though I wouldn't find someone better to desire me, to touch me, and to appreciate me.


But there was someone else who in fact could do a far more profound job at caring for my needs, to patiently work with me to learn how to experience sensual and sexual pleasure, and who wanted to stand by me as I learned to thrive into womanhood and take on life fearlessly as the confident woman I had wanted to become. That person was me. So I left, a broken shell of who I once was, and I began the hard path to heal all the negative teachings society had taught me about being a woman.

I've hosted healing gatherings with women of all ages to speak freely in a safe space about their experiences of learning to feel pleasure in their body. I have sat in African villages with women who have taught me about their own sexual cultures and how challenging it has been for them to create a voice for themselves.

The term pleasure coach can cause some confusion so, in order to unconfuse you - sessions with me never involve having clothes off or touching in any way. Think of my sessions as similar to therapy but in a more relaxed, down to earth, 'anything can be spoken about' kind of environment.

​I work with women, couples, and people who relate to non-binary to connect them with all aspects of their mind, body, and soul in order to lead them back to that space of power, desire, and pleasure - with or without a partner.



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